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Video of Annual Meeting with Dr. Jennifer Jones

Dr. Jones and Josh Gardner

Video of Presentation

The Indian Lake Watershed Project Board hosted their annual meeting at the Indian Lake Community Church’s Lighthouse on Wednesday, October 18, 2023.

During the meeting State Representative Jon Cross, State Representative Tim Barnhorst, and the staff of Spend A Day Marina were honored and thanked for their support this past year of the Watershed Project.

The Watershed Board provided 2023 updates on water quality monitoring, dredge planning, Nashville Hitmaker fundraising totals, H2Ohio grant and various other projects. In 2024, the Board has several projects lined up including sediment depth surveys, shoreline erosion survey, water monitoring, water quality monitoring, biochar filtration for tributaries, and additional dredge planning.

Dr. Jennifer Jones of Restorative Lake Sciences, LLC was the featured speaker and provided a detailed update on the treatment of the aquatic weeds and treatment plans for 2024. Overall, she reported that the lake is in much better shape and many of the invasive weeds have been either treated with herbicides or removed by weed harvesters. Her presentation compared weed survey maps between 2022 and 2023 indicating the amount of invasive vegetation that is no longer in the lake. In 2024, ODNR plans to continue to enlist Dr. Jones services and further surveying will be done to determine treatment needs.

You can watch the entire meeting including the question and answer period from the audience following the meeting. Included separately is Dr. Jones’ powerpoint presentation. Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting and for the continued support of the Watershed Project.

Indian_Lake_ Logan_ County_OH_ RLS_10_18_23
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