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The Indian Lake Watershed Project, Ohio Department of Natural Resources and private contractors are all working together to provide more weed control. The ILWP purchased a brand-new weed harvester that will pull the weeds out by the roots instead of cutting them like a mower. This brings the ILWP fleet of weed harvesters up to two! ODNR is building a new harvester and barge that will operate on Indian Lake. In addition, local contractors are inventing their own ways and equipment to remove the weeds.


2022 GOALS

  • To work with ODNR and local contractors to keep the waters of Indian Lake navigable for travel and recreational use.

  • To continue monitoring for Toxic Blue Green Algae and excess nutrients.

  • Continue maintaining the good water quality of Indian Lake.  

  • Watershed Education

  • Beach Roller

  • 9-Element Plan

  • Watershed Tour


Major Accomplishments dating back to 1990 

Cost shared on: 45 no-till planters and 23 no-till drills


Low Interest Loans: 24 no-till planters, no-till drills, compost barn,
liquid manure spreader, GPS system, chopper pump for lagoon


4 Pesticide/Nutrient Containment Facilities


Filter Strips Installed

264 acres of trees and grass  

Grassed waterways

74.4 acres

South Fork Snag and Clear Project

$113,250.00 for 7 miles

Streambank Protection

1510 feet

Sediment Basin installed

1.7 acres

Wetlands Installed

 6 acres

Riparian Easement

8.235 acres      

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