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ILWP Board Hires Dr. Jones To Complete Erosion Survey

Updated: Mar 1

At the January 2024 monthly meeting, the ILWP Board hired Dr. Jones of Restorative Lake

Sciences (RLS) to complete an erosion survey of Indian Lake. The survey is expected to be completed in late spring 2024 and will cost $25,000. 

RLS will complete a lake-wide shoreline erosion survey that will result in geo-referenced data points overlaid onto an aerial map of the lake. The survey will include detailed images of each impaired erosion site and will include approximations of linear foot measurements of the erosion. Dr. Jones will provide a list of prioritization based on the degree of erosion and factors such as exposure to fetch, wave activity, and bathymetry. The information will be prepared in a professional scientific report. 

ILWP intends to use this data to pursue state funding and grants for shoreline stabilization projects. It is the viewpoint of the ILWP Board that preventing sediment from entering the lake is just as important as dredging. Preventing soil from entering the lake will make investments in dredging more impactful. 

Indian_Lake_ 2024_Erosion_Evaluation_&_Mitigation_ RecommendationsSOW 152024REV
Download PDF • 210KB


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