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ILWP Takes Action On Dredge Planning

On the recommendation of the Watershed's Dredge Planning Working Group, the ILWP Board hired environmental consultant EnviroScience, Inc., based in Stow, OH to complete a Bathymetric and Sediment Survey of Indian Lake. The survey cost $55,000 and is to be completed in the late Spring 2024. Representatives from EnviroScience will present their data results at the ILWP monthly board meeting on June 19th, 2024. 

The Dredge Planning Working Group was formed in October 2023 by the ILWP Board to develop a dredge plan for Indian Lake. Through their work, the working group recommended the ILWP hire geologist Petter Berrini of Berrini and Associates to create a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a bathymetric and sediment survey. The Request for Proposals was then sent to several firms. After a thorough review, the working group recommended EnviroScience, Inc. to the ILWP Board.  

EnviroScience will collect bathymetric data using a dual-frequency echosounder in conjunction with GNSS-RTK rover to map water depths to top of sediment within Indian Lake. In addition to the echosounder, sounding pole measurements will be used to assess soft sediment thickness. EnviroScience will also be taking 3 inch sediment core samples to be used to determine grain size distribution analyses. The work is expected to be completed over a period of 10 days and will be done sometime in March or April. 

The goal is to gather data to be used from a desktop analysis of sediment within Indian Lake. Any type of specific dredge project will require design analysis to determine specifics for a particular area or project. EnviroScience intends to complete 1000 sediment thickness soundings, 40 vibracore samples,  and 25 grain size distribution analyses. The work will be completed within the open water areas and near shore areas around Indian Lake.  

The results of the study will be used to assist ODNR with dredge planning and to help secure additional funding for dredge projects on Indian Lake. While this data will be very beneficial, it is not exhaustive of every area of Indian Lake.  The ILWP Board expects that additional data will be collected through the season by Watershed Volunteers and Dredge Planning Working Group members.

Members of the Dredge Planning Working Group include Co-Chairs: Dave Helgeson and Brenda Crabtree, Members: Tony Beck, John Bull, Dale Frymeyer, Dave Paxton, Ben Pefferle, Jim Reed, John West, and Dustin Wickersham. 

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