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ILWP forms a Dredge Planning Working Group

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

In the Spring of 2023 the ILWP Board formed a Dredge Planning Working Group with the goal to create a locally driven dredge plan. In June 2023, on the recommendation of this Working Group, the Indian Lake Watershed Project Board hired dredge consultant and professional geologist Peter Berrini of Berrini & Associates LLC. Mr. Berrini is advising the Working Group on developing a dredge plan for Indian Lake. In addition to the dredge plan, Mr. Berrini will be creating a scope of work for a bathymetry and sediment depth survey to specifically identify impaired areas. This sediment depth survey will include tributaries and recreational access channels across the entire lake. The results from this sediment depth survey will be shared with ODNR and members of the Ohio Legislature. This methodical approach will be used to secure funding for privatized dredging of Indian Lake in the coming years. Below is Mr. Berrini’s report that was completed on October 1, 2023.

Members of Working Group

Tony Beck

John Bull

Brenda Crabtree

Dale Frymeyer

Derek Gillespie

Dave Helgeson

Tom Langhals

Dave Paxton

Ben Pfefferle

Jim Reed

John West

Dustin Wickersham

Indian Lake Preliminary Dredging Plan (Final)
Download PDF • 16.94MB


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